Monday, 13 September 2010


My final major project from my 1st year Graphic Design. Kafka the movie! (I have tweaked it a little for the blog I must admit, but only a little)
As I was only proficient in photoshop at the time, with illustrator still a little bit new to me, everything was completed in Photoshop! These days, I mainly work in illustrator, but I do intend to get deeply immersed in photoshop again soon and discover many of it's new wonders!
 I digress, the poster was just one part of a set, consisting of an A2 Poster portrait, a landscape version, a CD soundtrack cover, book cover (movie tie-in indeed!) and a presentation case, which was made from vacuformed plastic, the lid, an embossed "K" made from hand sculpted clay.
 i did get a distinction for this project, if I may be as bold to say so, it still looks ok after 10years! (where does the time go?)
When I do actually get some time I am going to get back into film poster design, watch this space...........

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