Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Designs on your Soul

And so, it begins......
My first foray into blogging, forgive me......

I know, very heavy, less than subtle symbolism about selling your soul to the corporate world! I was young(er) and still idealistic!

Excavated from an old folder, created about 8 years ago as a piece of self promotion.
background photography is a mixture of medium format and the handsome devil (myself, ahem...!) was shot actually using a flatbed scanner as a camera... now hold that pose!
The type is a self created mashed up arial or similar, the rams head was from my old house in Sheffield.
I know what your thinking... who has a rams head just hanging around the house? Artists, musicians and designers that's who! I'm trying to find the original unflattened file so I can rejig it into a poster and give it a 2010 makeover.

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